Client Settings, OS X

On Settings tab you can change the settings of your backup client.

  • Only users with full user rights are allowed to change the settings
  • Users who do not have full rights can only change the language of their client
  • User rights have been set by your Vendor / Support

Under Timing there are three options:

  • Turn off - no backups are being made
  • Continuous - your data is being backed up automatically every few minutes (the recommended option)
  • Daily - your data will be backed up once a day. You can select time for the daily backup.


By default all files in your Home Directory will be backed up, except for Library folder and all it's subfolders (e.g. iCloud Drive). So contents of Library cannot be backed up. Also, your software vendor might have excluded some folders or file types such as compressed files, external drives, binaries etc. In Exclusions you can exclude more files or folders - just click except and select the targets that you choose not to back up. When completed click OK and close Exclusions window.


In Language selection you can choose the language for your backup client. The current options are English, French, Swedish, Russian and Finnish.

In case you have full user rights, by clicking Advanced settings you can make changes to a few more settings.


In Bandwidth you can choose the bandwidth that is allowed for the backup service.

  • After you set up the backup client on your computer all your data is backed up for the first time. This usually involves lots of data being sent from your computer to our server, which means it can take a few hours. During the first backup you can temporarily limit the allowed bandwidth. 
  • After that the regular backups will take just a few minutes since only the data that have been changed need to be backed up; also, because the technology adapted by Nexetic is making backing up data very fast. For these reasons it is recommended to use Unlimited bandwidth as default.

In Show alerts you can choose whether you would like to be alerted in case of problems - such as failed backup, disk space running out etc.

In Proxy you can make the settings for a Proxy server (only if needed).

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