Client's Backup View

Open Nexetic Shield Backup client by double clicking the Nexetic Shield icon on your Desktop.


You will land on Backup view with a lot of information regarding your backup status.

In the pie diagram you can see distribution of your files among different content types, such as Pictures, Office documents, Videos etc.

In Shield Server client the content types are different, e.g. Files, System State, SQL Servers and Exchange Servers. Other than that, the Backup view looks exactly the same across different clients.

  • For a list of your biggest files click Biggest files. For more files click Show more at the end of the list. 
  • Lists of biggest files are also available by content type - just select the content type from the list, such as Pictures.



  • You can easily exclude some files from the backup. Simply click Remove button next to the file. Please note that by doing this you are not deleting the file from your computer but instead preventing the automatic backup of the file.


  • Storage used - the disk space used for backing up your data
  • Files backed up - the number of your backed up files
  • Time since backup - how much time has passed since the last backing up started. Your data will be backed up every few minutes, if you have chosen continuous backup.


When the program is backing up data you can see it in Time since backup and also in the status area at the end of the page.


At the bottom of the page you can see a status icon. A blue icon indicates that everything is OK with the program. An orange or red icon means that there is a problem. You can find more info about the possible problems you may encounter in section Shields.


Clicking the status icon will open a new Status window which shows you all the information about your backup status.


Clicking the i button at the lower right corner of the page will open an information window with lots of details about the user, user rights, program version etc. Here you can also search for instructions or send logs to our Support.


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