Turning on Email Alerts

 Nexetic Shield can send out email alerts for Vendor admins, account (company) admins, and end users if required. Email alerts are sent in a variety of problem scenarios, such as:

- Backup has failed more than x times (default is 5 times; there is a separate setting for this value)

- Disk space is about to run out (5% left)

- There has been no connection from user's client to the backup server for more than x days (default is 30 days; there is a separate setting for this value)

- A reminder can also be sent directly to the end user, if client has not been installed after 14 days from invitation


1)   To activate Alerts, you need to turn them on first. Do this by going to Alerts tab under Vendor Information page. Make sure Send email alerts is set as ON

2)   Text in the alert message will be created automatically, based on the error type.

3)  In Send email alerts to field you can fill in the email address(es) where alerts should be sent to - e.g. the email address of your support team. You can add several email addresses by separating them by a comma.

4)   When disk space reserved for the account is about to run out, the system sends out an automatic warning. Add the email address in the field Send warning when 5% disk space is left to. You can add several email addresses by separating them by a comma.  

 5)   Now you can choose whether alerts will be sent to 

  • Software Vendor of Endpoint users: ON / OFF
  • Directly to Endpoint end users: ON / OFF
If your customers have server backup, select the same for servers as well:
  • Software Vendor of Server users: ON / OFF
  • Directly to Server end users: ON / OFF

 Clicking the blue rectangle shaped button will change the value between OFF and ON.

Alerts will be sent out accordingly when you choose ON (recommended option) - if you choose OFF alerts won't be sent out.

6) Each new user will receive an invitation email containing a user name and password. In case end user has not installed the backup program within 14 days of sending out the invite, the system can alert the user. If you want to take this option in use, set Send remainder if client is not installed after 14 days of invitation as ON.


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