How to restore Custom Role Assignments from Entra ID Backup

Step 1. Sign into the backup portal

Open your web browser and go to the following address:
Select Sign in with Microsoft 365. Insert your Microsoft 365 admin credentials for the tenant you want to restore data from.


Resellers can also sign in via Nexetic Portal.


Step 2. Select Backup for Entra ID


Click the icon in the top-left corner of the page and select Backup for Entra ID.


Step 3. Select Roles -> Custom roles page

Click Roles in the top navigation and select Custom. You can see the list of all the custom administrative roles that have been backed up from the customer's Entra ID tenant. 



Step 4. Locate the Role

You can sort the roles by their Name, Role id or Last modification date.
You can also filter the roles by typing any part of the role name in the Search box.



Step 5. View the role attributes and versions

Select the role by clicking the role name. You can see all the attributes that exist for the selected role. Click the link View role assignments to see the assignments for this role and to restore them.


By clicking View role assignments, you can see the identities that have been granted the permissions defined by the role definition (users, groups or service principals). You can select any day and time from the calendar to view the role assignments for the rule as it was on the selected time point.

Changes to the role assignments are recorded in Role assignments log. From there you can detect the timing of the changes, which will help you to choose the correct version date & time from the calendar.  

You can start the restoration for Role assignments by clicking Restore this version. (You may need to scroll down to see the restore button at the bottom of the window).

Step 6. Select restore options

Select the snapshot date & time from the calendar. You can still change the date & time even if you already chose them on any of the previous screens.

For custom roles it is only possible to restore role assignments. To do this, tick the box With role assignments and Restore.


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