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After successfully installing Nexetic Shield Backup software on your computer it is now time to set up your account. By following these instructions it will be easy and only take a few minutes. 

    1)   Once installation has been completed you will move on to Guided Setup.

  • Fill in your user name and password in the assigned fields. You can find your user name and password in the e-mail message that was sent to you before. 
  • You can choose one of the following languages: English, French, Russian, Swedish and Finnish. 
  • Don't forget to accept end user license agreement by ticking the box.
  • Choose Next


    2)  By default all data on your computer will be backed up - except for system and program folders and Windows folder. Your vendor might also have excluded some folders or content / file types from the backup. 

  • Should you wish to exclude more data, you can do so by clicking the gear wheel - see the picture below.
  • A new Exclusions window will appear and you can select any content and file types to be excluded from backup.
  • Once you have finished with the selection, close the window.


    3)   Should you wish to restore data at this point, you can do so by clicking the Restore button. After the data restore is completed, proceed by clicking Next.

TIP: If you are transferring your existing account from your old computer to your new one, restore all your data now. 

    4)   Choose Done. Your Nexetic Shield Backup client has now been successfully set up.

    5)  The first backup will take several hours or even a day since all your data is being backed up for the first time.

  • How long your backup will take depends on the total size or your files, sizes of your individual files, and the speed of your internet connection. 
Generally, backing up lots of small files is slower than backing up fewer, larger files.  
  • You can follow how the backup proceeds from Remaining time at the bottom of the window.


  • When doing the initial backup, leave your computer on also during the night.
  • If your internet gets disconnected, no worries. The backup will carry on as soon as your computer is reconnected to the Internet.

From the screenshot below you can see that backup is now in progress.

After the initial full backup, the continuous or daily backups will take just a few minutes since only the data that has been changed need to be backed up.




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