Silent install

1. Check if there are any other Nexetic backup software versions on your computer. All old versions must be removed before installing a new one.

2. Also check this prior to starting the installation:

  • Firewall must allow https connections from the following programs:

         C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\Nexetic\NexetcShield.exe (Program UI)

         C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\Nexetic\NXBackupService.exe (Backup service)

         C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\Nexetic\NXUpdater.exe (Updates the latest Nexetic versions from the server)

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or 4.5 must be installed on the computer

3. Log in to the Nexetic Shield Management Portal to check the customer’s license number. It can be found from Accounts -> License -> Number.

4. Note! It is recommended to check data selection and other settings at this point.

5. Download link to the MSI package:

MSI package can be installed with e.g. Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (MSCC) or N-central by N-able. Use the license number acquired from the control panel as a parameter, e.g. LICENSE=28ff4544-97ab-102e-8fc9-005056b36f48.

In N-central the following parameter can be used: “NexeticShieldInstaller.msi /i /qn LICENSE=license number”. *

  • Note that MSI package can also be installed manually from command prompt Msiexec /i nexetic.msi LICENSE=license number
  • Program will create the account automatically, but in case any problems appear, it is mentioned in file %ProgramData%\NXShield\Logs\logs.log. 

We strongly recomment to always test the installation with single computers before doing the installation for all computers. There must not be any other Nexetic versions on the computer at the time of installation.

6. After silent installation is completed the program will not start automatically. User must first login to the computer or start the program.  



Reseller can also pre-install Shield client on all new computers that are being sold to their customers. Activation can later be done for selected users.

To hide the activation window, an additional parameter need to be used in installation: SILENT=true.

By using this parameter, the set up window will not be automatically displayed on user’s computer, unless the icon on system tray is clicked.



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