How to restore SharePoint

You will learn how to search and restore OneDrive files.

Step 1. Log in to 365 Backup Portal

You have two options to log in to the 365 Backup Portal.

  1. Log in via Nexetic Portal:
  2. Log in directly to 365 Backup Portal:


For Nexetic partners, we recommend to use Nexetic Portal. You can manage all your 365 backup customers in one place with one credential. 


Step 2. Select SharePoint page 

Select SharePoint on the top menu.



Step 3. Show as a list

Click on the icon to view items as a list.


Step 4. Search SharePoint files

You can search SharePoint files in the following ways:

  1.  Input text into the search box or
  2. Browse the folder structure and select the correct folder



Step 5. Restore OneDrive files

Select the correct folder and files you wish to restore. 

Click on the Restore button and select Restore Selected to restore files to the original location or select Restore To Restore Folder to restore to a specific restore folder. 

Please note that the restoration process may take some time.



Step 6. Download OneDrive files

Click on the file to download the file to a local computer.



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