Unsuccessful first sign-in to Microsoft 365 Backup portal

If you try to sign into Backup portal at https://shield-cloud.nexetic.com/ first time either directly or via Nexetic Portal SSO and encounter an error ‘Sign in unsuccessful’, please check the Global Admin account you are using. On first sign-in the latter part of the Global Admin username should match the Microsoft 365 domain you submitted to us on the service order form or trial request.

For example, if you ordered the service for domain nexetic.com, you can sign in with Global Admin account that ends with @nexetic.com. If you try to sign in with Global Admin account that ends e.g. with @nexeticfi.onmicrosoft.com, sign-in is not successful - even when this Global Admin account exists under the same tenant.

You can either sign in with Global Admin account that matches the domain set up in our system, or you can request us to change the domain on our side to allow access with your existing Global Admin account.

Only the first sign-in matters. After Global Admin has granted permissions for the backup application and user synchronization from the Microsoft 365 tenant has been completed, any account within the Microsoft 365 tenant can be used to sign in. Global Admins, Exchange Admins and SharePoint Admins will get full admin view whereas end-users will get visibility to their own backups only.

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