Nexetic Backup Laptop MacOS client Release Notes

We are excited to announce the release of Nexetic Backup Laptop MacOS client This release includes several improvements and bug fixes. The user interface has been improved to be more user-friendly.

We have made backup exception rules for many library subfolders. This guarantees that client with default values backs up important data from library subfolders such as mail and Safari bookmarks.

We have also fixed several bugs in this release. See the changelog for details.


"Block access" functionality updated - When 'Access right' is set to 'blocked' from Backup Laptop Portal, none of the settings (except language) can be changed by the end-user. Works now similarly as in Windows client.
External drive logic updated in order to select certain folders for backup  
Certain MAC libraries are automatically included in backup:  
(Library folder excluded, with these exceptions:) * Library/Application Support
  * Library/Calendars
  * Library/FontCollections
  * Library/Fonts
  * Library/Mail
  * Library/Messages
  * Library/Safari
Client app UI updated to be more user friendly  
Sending logs to Support from client fixed  
The logging mechanism for the client updated  
Number of calls made by the client app optimized  
Fix to have IBAS details always filled in on all MAC devices  
Fix to have exclusion rules from client override the rules set on server-side  
Fix for setting 'Desktop' as exclusion/inclusion in client's data selection  
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