Comprehensive Microsoft 365 Backup - Update 31st of January 2024

We provide the most comprehensive Microsoft 365 environment backup available on the market. In our most recent update, we have expanded the backup coverage to include the following areas:

  • Teams conversations
  • Outlook In-Place Archive
  • Outlook Public Folders
  • OneNote notebooks
  • Microsoft Lists 
  • Planner (to be added in the next update)

Additionally, in this newsletter, we cover the following topics:

  • Finland has been added as a new storage option for Microsoft 365 backup, offering secure data retention in the Nordics.
  • Automatic order processing in the ALSO Cloud Marketplace facilitates and accelerates the deployment of services.


Teams chat backup


Backup of Teams chat includes:

  • Channel messages
  • Channel attachments
  • Messages in private channels
  • Attachments in private channels
  • 1:1 chats
  • 1:1 attachments



Outlook In-Place Archives and Public Folders are automatically backed up for all users selected for Mail backup. The user's In-Place Archive and the Public Folders assigned to them are visible in their Mail backup. The restoration process is similar to that of restoring other email messages.


OneNote notes are automatically included in the OneDrive backup coverage. This means that the OneNote data of all users included in the backup will be backed up, provided that OneDrive is selected as one of the services to be backed up.


Microsoft Lists are automatically included in SharePoint backup.


Microsoft 365 backups can now be stored in The Rock data center in Finland, a former military underground cave complex. The data center has multiple certifications, such as ISO 27001, ISO 22301, PCI DSS, and Katakri.

The Rock data center features a high-capacity storage system that exceeds the speed of public cloud storage solutions; for example, it is 57% faster than Azure Blob. Additionally, we offer this quick and highly scalable storage system at the same price as the current Azure storage.

Wholesale resellers can choose the storage location through the Nexetic Portal. Other resellers wishing to store new customer data in Finland can contact our support.

Transferring existing backup data from Azure to The Rock data center is possible. A transfer fee will be charged for the data transfer. For more information about the transfer, please get in touch with our support service.


Orders for Nexetic Backup for Microsoft 365 made through ALSO are now processed automatically, which means that new customers and license changes are updated in the Nexetic Backup more quickly.


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