Can I select only certain SharePoint sites or Teams for backup?

On May 14th, 2024 we published the Site selector feature, allowing the administrators to select certain SharePoint sites & Teams for backup instead of backing up all SharePoint sites and Teams. You can find the Site selector on Settings page, under Organization services. First click the slide switch for SharePoint&Teams files. Then click the icon.


You can use the Select all and Deselect all options to make the site / team selection. You can also click the slide switches for single sites / teams to include or exclude them from backup. Save the selection by clicking Save.
After saving, the sites will be displayed in the following order in the site selector window:

  • SharePoint sites or Teams included in backup are displayed first, in alphabetical order
  • The excluded sites & teams are listed below, also in alphabetical order.


If you exclude already backed up sites / teams from backup, no new backups from these sites / teams will be made. However, the data that has already been backed up from these sites is not cleared automatically. You can delete the data from backup by using the soon-to-be-released Delete options.

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