Why should a deleted user or group be primarily restored from Entra ID's Recycle Bin?

If a user or group that has been deleted from Entra ID needs to be restored, it is first recommended to check if the user or group is still found in Entra ID as a deleted user or deleted group. Users and groups are permanently deleted 30 days after the original deletion, so for the first 30 days it is possible to restore the user or group directly from Entra ID's Recycle Bin.

You can check the deleted users and groups by entering Microsoft Entra admin center and selecting Users -> Deleted users, or Groups -> Deleted groups. Select the user or group and click the Restore user or Restore group button.

When a user account is deleted from the organization, the account is in a suspended state, located in Entra ID Recycle Bin. All of the account's organization information is still preserved. When you restore a user from Entra ID Recycle Bin, this organization information is also restored, we well as e.g. the user's Object ID, Microsoft license, account password and MFA settings. 

If you restore a deleted user from backup, the deleted user will be restored as a new user (with a new Object ID). It means that the user's Microsoft 365 license needs to be reassigned and the password and MFA settings need to be reset.

Nexetic software can only restore users from backup and not from the Entra ID Recycle Bin. So all restorations from Entra ID Recycle Bin need to be made in customer's Microsoft Entra admin center.

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