How to activate the backup service?

1) When Administrator has logged into the Nexetic Backup Google Workspace Management Portal, first the services need to be selected for backup. To do that, click Configure backup on Dashboard.

2) Select the services for backup (click OFF -> ON) and click Save.


3) List of domain users are displayed on Users page. It may take a few minutes for the full user list to appear. Once the list is visible, you can define which users will be included in backup.

  • Click Actions -> Add all to Backup to turn on backup for all users on the list.
  • Or turn on backup for single users one by one from the Backup column (-> Backup: “ON”).


4) Now you can check that correct users and services have been selected for backups. If backup is enabled for a user, “ON“ is displayed in Backup column for the user.

Previous column displays the services that have been enabled for backup, indicated by bright green font. Backup for services marked in grey font are disabled from the user.

If you want to do any changes, select the users by clicking the green symbol next to the username, then Actions -> Configure backup.

5) Backups will start automatically according to pre-set schedule and they will be run every 6 hours, starting at 11 am, 5 pm, 11 pm, and 5 am UTC.

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