What to do in case of error "Service off"?

The service should start automatically after installation. Later on it should always start together with Windows. However, there are several scenarios that may cause this problem to appear.

It's possible that there are problems in the computer (especially an older one), other programs or Windows that might prevent the service from starting. In turn, if the Nexetic service cannot be started fast enough the starting may be suspended. This will be indicated by an error Service is off

1)  When the problem occurs for the first time, you can try to start the service manually. Go to Control Panel (Ohjauspaneeli) -> System and Security -> Administrative Tools -> Services -> Nexetic Service and start it by clicking Start or Restart. Attached screenshots may be useful to demonstrate this. The status of Nexetic Service should now be Running

2)  If this problem keeps appearing, you can try to prevent it by setting a delayed start for the service, or by editing the Windows registry in order to allow more time for all the services to start.

To set delayed start for the service, right-click Nexetic Service, click Properties and set Startup type to Automatic (Delayed Start) as demonstrated in the attached screenshot Setting_Delayed_Start.png.

3)  In case the problem persists, you can contact your service administrator / Nexetic Support.



If you just installed / reinstalled the software, did you download the newest client version from our server? Instead, if you used an old installer that may have been found on your computer, you might have gotten an old client version from there. Old client version can cause several kinds of problems.

Always download the latest software from the following links:

Windows: https://shield.nexetic.com/installers/NexeticShieldInstaller.msi

OS X: https://shield.nexetic.com/installers/NexeticShield.dmg

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