Which are the most common problems with data restoration?

Sometimes end-user has reinstalled the backup software on a new workstation but cannot see all the files that were backed up from the old workstation in the client application's Restoration window.

The most common reasons for not having the files visible in Restoration window are:

1) The name of the user profile on the new workstation is not exactly the same as it was on the old one. User can only restore files under his/her own user profile - not the files belonging to another user. 

You will need to switch off the client application and reopen it from the Windows Start menu by clicking the right mouse button and then selecting Run as administrator (or Suorita ylläpitäjänä). After doing so files and folders under all user profiles are displayed in Restore window, and you can restore them to the new workstation.

2) Another reason for not having the files and folders displayed in Restore view is that the files may have been marked as deleted. If you reinstalled the client application to a new workstation and didn't restore the data that was backed up from your old device right after reactivation was completed, it's possible that the first backup from your new workstation had already been run. Since your old files were not found from your new workstation during the backup, they were marked as "deleted".  

To access your deleted files, you need to tick the box Restore deleted files and folders in the Restoration window. The deleted files will be displayed in light grey color. You can now restore them normally. Note that usually deleted files are kept for 30 or 180 days (30 days is the default value for 25 GB and 50 GB licenses, and 180 days for Unlimited licenses).

To sum it up:

It is strongly recommended to take both actions described in 1) and 2) at the same time to ensure that all the files from backup are displayed in Restore view:
- Switch off the client application and run it as Administrator
- In Restore window, click Restore deleted files and folders


3) Even if you are able to select the folders and files to be restored, restoration for some files may still fail. This can happen if the path and file name is over 255 characters long. Move such files to a folder with shorter path.

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