How can I restore data? Can I do it from my laptop?

Yes. Restoring your data is easy and you can do it yourself from the Client application.

1) Open the Client application by clicking the Nexetic icon on your Taskbar.

2) Click Restore in main navigation.

3) Select the following:

  • Which data? All the data, or just selected files or folders? Should deleted files and folders be included? (Phase 1)
  • From which point of time? The latest versions, or versions from selected date and time? (Phase 2)
  • Where to restore the data? In original location, or in another folder? You can also create a new folder for the restored data. Should the original files and folders be replaced, or saved with another name? (Phase 3)
  • Click Restore to start the restoration of data. It may take a while, depending on the number and size of your files, and your internet connection.
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