What do the color coded symbols (shields) mean?

Shields indicate the status of backup service.

 Green shield - OK status. No errors or warnings

  • Backup service is running without any problems
  • Data is being backed up according to timing settings
  • No failed files
  • No errors or warnings


Orange shield - problem status. Different scenarios:

  • Client is running, but no backups have been made for the last 7 days
  • Backing up single files has failed


Red shield - error status. Different scenarios:


  • Backup service is not running / is turned off
  • No more disk space left for backups
  • No connection from service
  • No connection from client
  • Backing up data has failed


Black shield - backing up data has not started. Different scenarios:

  • Client has not started to backup data
  • Adding / registering a user has failed


Grey shield - backup service is not active. Different scenarios:

  • Client has not been running for more than 30 days
  • The last time user signed in was more than 30 days ago
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