Can I back up content from Cloud Services?

Files that you have in Cloud services - such as Dropbox*, OneDrive**, Google Drive***, SharePoint****  -  can be backed up by Nexetic Shield Win + Mac if they also have a local folder in your computer.

Shield cannot back up data directly from Cloud.


* There should not be any problems with backing up data from Dropbox as it always has a local folder inside user's home directory.


** Based on our own tests, files from OneDrive are not necessarily synchronised to user's computer. But after logging into OneDrive for Business sync client, data in OneDrive folder became available also locally and could be backed up. OneDrive for Business sync client is included in at least in the following Office packages:

Office Professional Plus 2013  -  Office 365 Enterprise E3  -  Office 365 Midsize Business  -  Office 365 Small Business Premium

Also, to back up files from OneDrive, "on demand" setting in OneDrive's settings should be turned off. Error “Could not Backup new file:Pilvipalvelutiedoston käyttö on on estetty” is associated with this problem.

To summarize: OneDrive and OneDrive for Business folders that are synchronized to user's computer can be backed up by Shield, if "on demand" setting is turned off.


*** By default SYSTEM user doesn't have reading rights to Google Drive folder. Note that SYSTEM user needs to have rights to all files and folders to be backed up. To back up Google Drive folder, go to Windows and add permissions for the folder in question.


**** SharePoint Online can also be synchronised, see for details. 

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