Setting up Trial licenses

If a customer is interested in trying out the backup service before making purchase, trials can be easily set up via Control Panel by Vendor administrators.

Vendors can add trial licenses with a validity of one month. Trials can be extended by the vendor for another month when needed (max 2 months in total).

1) First you need to create a new account (=company). Go to Accounts page and click Add account.

2) Fill in the customer name and contact details in the designated fields on Information tab and click Save.

3) Fill in the license information on License tab.

  • Change the Type to Evaluation
  • Under Nexetic Endpoint Backup, fill in the number of devices that need to be backed up in Endpoints field.
  • Select the disk space option 25 GB average per user (this license type is used for trials)
  • Click Save

4) Now the trial license has been created and you can move on to add users.

TIP: When trial ends and customer would like to purchase the service, Type can just be changed from Evaluation to Purchased. No other changes are needed.

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