Checking contents of Email templates

Email templates are accessible for admin users on Vendor level only. Templates are vendor specific, not account (customer) specific. Vendor's templates will be used for all vendor's accounts and users.

On Email templates page you can find templates for the email messages that are sent out to end users and admin users. 

1) Account creation email (invite) is sent out when new user is added via Add user functionality.

2) Account transfer email is sent out when admin sends a new password for the user from control panel.

3) Account restoring email is sent out when user orders a new password when reinstalling the software.

4) Admin user creation email (invite) is sent out when a new admin user is added to the system.

5) Admin user password reset email is sent out when resetting admin user's password (from control panel by another admin, or from login page by the admin user him/herself)


You have an option to edit the templates - e.g. replace Nexetic contact info with your own. Once finished, remember to click Save.



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