How to recover OneNote

1. Location of OneNote notebooks

Notebooks that are saved in user's OneDrive are found under user's OneDrive backup, from folder Notebooks directly under the Root folder. 

2. Download OneNote package

Notebooks cannot be recreated in Microsoft 365 during a restore process. That is why the normal Restore option is not available for OneNote. The only option to recover a notebook is to download the OneNote package from backup, upload it to your OneDrive and share it to the user. You can also email single notebook pages to the user.

2.1  To recover a notebook, locate and select the notebook in the Backup portal.

2.2  You can see all existing revisions on the right. Select the version you want to recover and click Download OneNote package.


2.3.  You will get the .zip file in your Downloads folder. Extract all the files in the .zip folder.


2.4.  Open any of the .one files inside the folder. The notebook will open in OneNote in Read-only mode.

3. Share the notebook

3.1 Share the Entire Notebook

Click File from the main navigation in the top-left corner of the page. You can see all your OneNote notebooks under the Info Notebook information page. Click Settings and Share or Move for the notebook you wish to share.


First you need to upload the notebook to your OneDrive. It will be placed directly under the Root folder in your OneDrive. 


After you uploaded the notebook to your OneDrive, you can open the notebook from your OneDrive or with the OneNote application.

You can now share the notebook from your OneDrive to another user. You can either Invite other users to view or edit the notebook, or you can Copy link that you can share with other users who need to access the notebook.


3.2 Share a copy of OneNote Page:

Instead of uploading the notebook to you OneDrive and sharing it from there, you can also share a copy of the OneNote page/section to another user via email.

First select the notebook page to share. You can only share one page at a time.


In the top-right corner of the notebook page in OneNote, click Share and Email Copy of Page.

An email with the contents of the selected page from your notebook will open and you can send it to another person. Contents of the notebook page are placed in the email body, not in an attachment.



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