How to restore Calendar entries

Step 1. Sign in to 365 Backup Portal

You have two options to sign in to the 365 Backup Portal.

  1. Sign in via Nexetic Portal (for partners/resellers only):
  2. Sign in directly to 365 Backup Portal:


Step 2. Select the Calendar page

Select Calendar on the Top menu.


Step 3. Select the user

Select the user from the drop-down menu. If there are a lot of users, you can also use the search by typing the user's name.



Step 4. Select the Calendar

Check and select the calendars you want to restore. If you have selected your own user, nothing is pre-selected and you will need to click on the calendars to select them. If you have selected another user, all the user's calendars are already selected, but you can change the selections when needed. 



Step 5. Select the Calendar entries for restore

You can see all backed-up calendar entries displayed with blue circles. Click on a date to view all entries on that specific date.

You can also view entries by bringing the mouse over each circle to see the title.



Click on an entry to open it in a new window. 



You can restore the latest version of the calendar entry by clicking Restore.

To view older versions, click Revisions and scroll down the revision list. Initiate restore by clicking Restore button for your preferred entry. 



Calendar entries will be recreated in the selected user's Calendar in M365.

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