How to restore data from OneDrive backup

You will learn how to search and restore / download OneDrive files.

Step 1. Sign into the Microsoft 365 Backup Portal

You have two options to sign into the 365 Backup Portal:

  1. Sign in via Nexetic Portal:
  2. Sign in directly to 365 Backup Portal:


For Nexetic partners, we recommend using Nexetic Portal. You can manage all your Microsoft 365 backup customers in one place with a single user ID. 


Step 2. Select OneDrive page 

Select OneDrive on the top menu.



Step 3. Select the user

Select the user from the user list in the drop-down menu. If there are a lot of users, you can also use search by typing the user's name.



Step 4. Find OneDrive files or folders

You can find OneDrive files and folders in the following ways:

  1.  Input text into the search box; or
  2. Browse the folder structure and select the correct folder


Step 5. Select restore options

1. Select the correct folder or files you wish to restore.

2. Click on the Restore -> Restore Selected button.   


Then select the following:

3. Target account for the restoration. Your own user account is selected by default, but you can also restore the files to another user account in the same M365 tenant.

4. Target folder where the files will be restored to. By default the files will be restored to their original location, i.e. the same location where they are located in backup. You can also type any folder name. If such folder doesn't exist in the destination account's OneDrive, the folder will be created during the restore process. 

5. Date from which the files will be restored. The current date is always pre-selected, but you can select any past date from the calendar and you will always have the files restored as they were on the specific date - i.e. allowing you to jump back in time. 


6. Click Restore to initiate the data restore. Please note that the restoration process may take some time.

Option: Download OneDrive files

Alternatively, signed-in users can also download their own files from backup. Admins can download files from SharePoint and Teams backup. Currently the download option is available for single files / file versions only.

When you have selected the file, you can see all the existing file versions in the Revisions box on the right. Select the revision you wish to download and click Download. The file is immediately downloaded to your workstation.



You can only download your own files from backup. Files can be downloaded only by directly signing into the Backup Portal. If you have signed in via Nexetic Portal, you can't download your files or files of the person you are impersonating.

Admins can always restore user's files back to OneDrive in Microsoft 365 cloud.









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