How to restore Exchange emails

Learn how to search and restore Exchange emails.

Step 1. Log in to 365 Backup Portal

You have two options to log in to the 365 Backup Portal.

  1. Log in via Nexetic Portal:
  2. Log in directly to 365 Backup Portal:


For Nexetic partners, we recommend to use Nexetic Portal. You can manage all your 365 backup customers in one place with one credential. 

Step 2. Select Mail page 

Select Mail on the top menu.


Step 3. Select the user

Select the user from the user list. You can use the drop-down menu. If there are a lot of users, you can also use search by typing the user's name.



Step 4. Search emails

Simple search

Search mails by typing text into the input box and pressing enter or clicking the search icon.


Advanced search

Click on the down arrow icon to open an advanced search.



Add your search criteria and click search.

To close the advanced search window click on the area outside the advanced search or click the top arrow icon.


Click on the arrow icon to read the email.


After this, you can read the email.




You can read only your emails. If you have logged in via Nexetic Portal, you can't read your emails or the person's email you are impersonating.

Step 5. Restore emails

If you want to restore emails to Microsoft 365, follow the instructions below. If you're going to restore emails to your computer, go to step 6.

Click on the Restore button and select Restore Selected Messages. 

Please note that the restoration process may take some time.



Step 6. Download emails

Click the Download button and select Download Selected Messages.




You can download only your emails. If you have logged in via Nexetic Portal, you can't download your emails or the person's emails you are impersonating. 

Click Allow to start downloading emails to your computer.



Emails are in .eml format. You can read them with standard email programs.




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