How to download Audit Logs

Step 1. Sign into the backup portal

Open your web browser and go to the following address:
Select Sign in with Microsoft 365. Insert your Microsoft 365 admin credentials for the tenant you want to restore data from.


Resellers can also sign in via Nexetic Portal.


Step 2. Select Backup for Entra ID

Click the icon in the top-left corner of the page and select Backup for Entra ID.



Step 3. Select Audit logs page

Click Logs and select Audit Logs in the top navigation. You can see the following details: Date, Service, Category, Activity and Status. You can search the entries by Service, Category and Activity by typing in the search box. You can also select a date range From  - To from the calendars to filter the view.


Step 4. View attributes for audit log entries

You can click any entry row to view all the backed up attributes and their values.



Step 5. Export audit logs

You can download the audit logs to your workstation as an Excel worksheet (.xlsx). If you have searched by Service, Category or Activity, only the search results will be downloaded. Also, instead of downloading all log events, it is possible to select the events only from certain time range by using the filtering by date (From - To). For example, if you search audit logs by word 'App' and define a time range (1.6. - 26.6.2024), the audit log entries matching the search term 'App' from 1.6. - 26.6.2024 are downloaded. Click the Export button to start the download. You will find the excel worksheet in your Downloads folder.


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