How to restore App Registrations from Entra ID backup

Step 1. Sign into the backup portal

Open your web browser and go to the following address:
Select Sign in with Microsoft 365. Insert your Microsoft 365 admin credentials for the tenant you want to restore data from.


Resellers can also sign in via Nexetic Portal.

Step 2. Select Backup for Entra ID


Click the icon in the top-left corner of the page and select Backup for Entra ID.


Step 3. Select App registrations page

Click Applications in the top navigation and select App registrations. You can see the the list of backed up applications that are maintained by your organization.



Step 4. Locate the application(s)

You can sort the app registrations by their Name, Application (client) ID or Last modification date.
You can also filter the applications by typing any part of the application name or Application (client) ID in the Search box.


Step 5. Select the applications

You can restore all applications, selected applications or just a single application. When you click any application's name, you can view attributes that have been backed up for the selected application. Check Step 6 of this support article for more info about the application's details.

OPTION A: Select all applications

You can select all applications to be restored at once by checking the box in the top-left corner of the applications grid. All applications in the Entra ID tenant get selected - not just the ones displayed on the current page.

Click the Restore selected button.

Next proceed to Step 7 of this support article to see how to select the restore options.


OPTION B: Select multiple applications

Select multiple applications to be restored by checking the boxes next to each application's name.

Click the Restore selected button.

Next proceed to Step 7 of this support article to see how to select the restore options.


OPTION C: Select and view attributes for a single application

You may want to see more details for an application. Sometimes it may also be helpful to view and compare the versions between different dates.

Review Step 6. below to learn more.

Step 6. View the application attributes and versions

Select the application by clicking the application name. You can see all the attributes that exist for the selected application.

The latest version from backup is always displayed by default. You can click the arrows to browse the different time points / version dates for the object. The selected day's version is always displayed. Red font indicates a changed value for that attribute; i.e. object attributes marked with red font are changed in this version from the previous version.


Step 7. Select restore options

Select the snapshot date from the calendar. You can still change the snapshot date even if you already chose it on the previous screen.

Make your choices for the following options:

  • To restore the application with it's attributes, current name and application ID, choose With object. If the application doesn't exist in Entra ID, it will be recreated. If the application already exists in Entra ID, the existing application will be overwritten.
  • If you choose As new, a new application with a new name and application ID is created during the restore process. You need to input a name for the object that will be created. If you don't select 'As new', the restoration target is the already existing application in Entra ID.
    • NOTE: The 'RESTORE AS NEW' OPTION IS NOT AVAILABLE WHEN YOU RESTORE MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS AT A TIME. If you restore multiple applications at a time and an application already exists in Entra ID, it will be overwritten. If the application doesn't exist, a new application will be created with the same name and application ID that it was backed up with.
  • If you want to restore the objects to another Entra ID tenant, select To another tenant.
    • First you need to add the target tenant where you want to restore the data to - check the instruction.
    • Now you can see the existing target tenant(s) in the 'To another tenant' drop-down menu - in case of having multiple target tenants added, select the one you want to restore the data to.
    • The available domain names for the selected target tenant can be seen under the 'With domain' menu and you can select the domain from there. Screenshots can be found from the above mentioned support article.
  • Start the restoration by clicking Restore.


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